"Michael Waterton are the premier bespoke tailor in Bedfordshire and bring another level to the world of tailoring"

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Mick the Stitch
Old Barn Cottage,
Silsoe Road
MK45 2AZ
t: 07765 910281
e: info@mickthestitch.co.uk

Welcome to Michael Waterton - Bespoke Tailor

Michael Waterton is the master tailor in Bedfordshire with premises originally in Woburn Sands and now in Maulden Bedfordshire. From bespoke tailored suits to alterations of your existing wardrobe The Tailor - 'Mick the stitch' can provide the service and quality that you and your clothes deserve.

With over 30 years experience and an exclusive clientele we are proud that every garment we produce has the Michael Waterton label and is produced at our workroom at Maulden. We are tailors and not salespeople so we will never pressure you into having a suit made to measure but if you would like to find out more then do please feel free to contact us at any time and we can talk through what you may be interested in.

Did You Know?

The term bespoke originally comes from the word bespeak which means to ask for or order something. In the 17th century, tailors would hold the entire length of a particular cloth.

So when a customer chose a type of cloth for their clothing the length of cloth required was said to have 'been spoken for' and in time this term became 'bespoke'